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On my last day in Africa I decided to go for a little wander by myself. There were so many paths to choose from, I didn’t know which way to go. I could see a river in the distance so I decided to walk towards it. I was a little scared of the impala and warthogs that I had to walk past but I could tell they were more scared of me. After walking for about 10 minutes I found a bridge which I had to cross and then turn a corner to get to the river. As I turned the corner I came across some zebra. It was such an amazing moment because even though I had seen tons of zebra in the past 2 weeks I had always been in a car or with a big group but this time I was alone. I watched them for a little while but didn’t get too close as I didn’t want to disturb them. It was really nice, I miss Africa so much.

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  2. cantkeepmyfocus said: Oh my god this is so cool. I am half Swazi half English and its so weird to see this on my dash! I’m going in October for three months! So excited to go back!
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