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currently obsessing over jessica day, norma bates, hanna marin, lydia martin and juliette barnes. fictional characters are ruining my life.


bunny in the sun

Kirsten Dunst and Sofia Coppola leaving the Lemonade Cafe in West Hollywood, April 17th.

"This is Penny Lane, man. Show some respect."


Japan Chloe is the cutest Chloe {requested by anon}

You’re lucky enough to be different, never change.

Alison Hendrix "Nature Under Constraint and Vexed"

make me choose • reedusdixons asked Maggie Greene or Beth Greene?


*thinking about girls* wow

Kelsey is going to be stepping out of the wings to play Laura…

Easter bike ride 🚲

Kirsten, the ultimate California girl. 

Photograph by Juergen Teller; styled by Felicia Garcia-Rivera;
written by Sofia Coppola; W magazine May 2014. 

To combine is to create; to engineer, divine.

She says, up yours.